Harlingen is proud of its monuments<p>The old city contains over 600 well preserved houses, warehouses and churches.</p> Northern Harbour<p>The Northern Harbour is a lovely place to linger or sit on a bench or terrace near the water.</p> Fisherman's town<p>Everywhere you can smell the sea, and hear the sound of shrieking seagulls and moaning foghorns.</p>

Welcome to Harlingen - the Netherlands

Harlingen is proud of its monuments

The old city contains over 600 well preserved houses, warehouses and churches.

Welcome to Harlingen, a beautiful harbour town whose history goes back a thousand years. Harlingen has, for many years, been a departure point for Frisian ships to destinations in the north, east, west and south, and a port of call for ships from all over the world. Harlingen is therefore used to receiving visitors and a warm welcome awaits visiting cruise ships and the guests, officers and crew on board.

Harlingen is referred to as the undiscovered jewel of northern Europe – and a jewel it certainly is with its charming canals, hundreds of listed houses, scenic harbours and an open view to the sea. Harlingen lies on the shores of the Wadden Sea in the north of the Netherlands. With Amsterdam only one hour away, Harlingen is a great place to start exploring the Netherlands.

Down south is Oostende, a Belgium harbour which is twinned with Harlingen. The close links between the two towns make it easy for cruise ship guests to discover both Belgium and the Netherlands.